Why Radio Is Great!

o   Facts:

There are 13-million satellite audio receivers in the US

There are 30-million IPODS in the US

There are 450-million radios in use in the US

o   Radio works because it’s LOCAL

o   Radio connects people to their community

o   There’s nothing as compelling as the sound of the human voice delivering your message

o   Radio is not limited by pictures

o   The average person listens to radio 15.4 hours each week

Why Champlain Radio?

o   Quality of listeners:

Not just the number of listeners, but the RIGHT listeners       

…. Listeners with money to spend and a need for your product

o   Number of ads per hour: 

…. Maximum four ads per break

…. By design, we air half as many ads per hour as the competition,

     so the impact of your message is 50% greater

o   Scheduling:

…. The right target – the right message – at the right time

…. Timed for maximum effect to meet your needs. 

Example:  Ads for lawn care products air Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday. 

Your ad is strategically placed, not just “tossed” on the air

o   Quality of production: We produce ideas, not cliché radio