The Cruisin' 93.7 Pet of the Week!

The Cruisin' 93.7 Pet of the Week features a lovable pet hoping to become a member of your family.

  This week's Pets of the Week will Patch up your heart!
Meet Miss Patches!
This sweet little lady dog came to HSCC when her owner could no longer care for her. Though nervous when confronted by the unknown and unfamiliar, even her significant shyness can't overcome Patches' fondness for gentle affection and human companionship. Though underexposed, Patches' needs from her new family are pretty simple- a secure lap to snuggle on, yummy snacks to share and plenty of love is all she needs. If you think evenings spent curled up with a book and a best friend sound like a perfect way to pass the time, Patches thinks you'd make the perfect pal!